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Primary Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclists gain a sense of independence and exploration when they travel on the road. Unfortunately, many trips can result in fatal collisions. There are several threats that motorcyclists must face, and each of them could result in catastrophic injuries or even death.

However, accidents involving motorcycles tend to result in serious injury to the point of death compared to collisions involving any other kind of motor vehicle. Even for the most skilled motorcyclists, the possibility of damage following an accident is substantial due to insufficient protection. Rear-end collisions, left-turn crashes, and head-on collisions side impacts are among the four most frequent motorcycle accidents.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles are a typical mode to travel for many people. However, they carry the risk of being in danger. The outcomes of a traffic collision with a motorcycle are likely to be catastrophic. Motorcyclists should know the most common causes of accidents so that they avoid them.

1. Roadway Hazards

Uneven pavement, rusty construction vehicles, and gaping potholes are frequent sights on Halifax highways. Construction debris and tools are also an ever-present sight on roads. A car or truck might not be specifically affected by these dangers; however, bikers can easily drift off, fall off their balance, or fall into something. If they collide with objects on the road, they could be stricken with fatal injuries.

The proportion of motorcycle accidents and deaths that result from collisions between motorcyclists and stationary objects like guardrails, light poles, or traffic signs is around 25%. Traffic hazards are a significantly more significant threat for motorcyclists due to their smaller size and less stable nature.

2. Speeding

A large number of automobile and motorcycle drivers travel at high speeds. Speeding-related accidents can be fatal. The driver’s ability to stop abruptly or respond to situations in front of them is reduced when driving at high speed. Due to the lack of protection offered by a car that passengers enjoy, motorcyclists risk sustaining severe injuries or even losing their lives due to a crash that happens at high speed.

3. Visibility

Motorcycles are harder to spot in traffic as they are smaller than cars and can blend in with their surroundings or be hidden by other vehicles or objects. It’s virtually impossible to determine where a motorcyclist is heading or if they plan to get in your lane while constantly bouncing around.

In addition, some cars need to notice nearby motorcycles while making a left turn. If the bike stays straight in the middle of the street, passes the car, or attempts to speed up to catch the vehicle, the car will likely hit the motorcycle during the turn.

For lawsuits involving injury and the personal dignity of an individual, a reputable law firm should represent them in court to ensure proper representation and protection of their rights.

4. Distracted or Drunk Driving

A motorcycle or car crash can swiftly become fatal if the driver or rider is distracted or impaired. Texting on a cell phone, eating, drinking, fiddling with the GPS or radio, and talking on phones are just a few forms of distracted driving. Distractions are risky because they reduce a driver’s reaction speed to dangers.

Driving while impaired by alcohol is unlawful and can cause serious consequences, which include death and injuries involving pedestrians. The intoxicating effects of alcohol cause drivers to make snap decisions that put themselves and their passengers in danger.

5. Mechanical Failure

Motorcycles are complex vehicles with various moving parts that must be adequately maintained to ensure the rider’s safety. Motorcycles can be destroyed or damaged because of design flaws or manufacturing faults. A claim for product liability could be feasible if a motorbike defect causes an accident.

Accidents are bound to happen, regardless of the step to ensure that your bike is operating well before taking it out on the roads. You deserve compensation for the injury caused by the motorcycle manufacturer and other companies in the distribution chain.