Cleaning Your Glass Bong: Easy Steps

When you smoke weed in a bong, which is a glass water pipe, the resin from the weed slowly builds up over time. This leaves a sticky film on the surface of the glass. If the glue gets too thick, the bong will no longer work. It also changes the color of the water and makes the cannabis taste less strong. This article tells you how to keep your smoking gear clean, working, and tasting fresh to enjoy smoking cannabis more.

Remove the bowl and stem.

The cannabis from a Niagara Falls weed delivery service will go in the bowl and the stem. This piece can be taken off, making cleaning the bong much easier. You don’t want to get the bowl wet when you pour water into the bong.

Empty the old water.

Since bong water is sticky and has a lot of resin, it’s best not to pour it down the drain. Pour it into the garbage if you have a trash bag with a good seal, or pour it into a receptacle with a lid to throw away. You can pour water from a bong outside, but don’t use it to water plants. The same bacteria and mold that can make you sick can also hurt plants.

Place the bong in a zip-top bag.

The mess should fit into a big gallon-sized bag. If you don’t have a bag with a zip-top, you can do the next steps over your sink or in a garbage bag. Just be careful because the resin from the bong might stick to the sides of your sink.

Fill the bong with isopropyl alcohol.

Pour liquor into the bong. Use 16 ounces of alcohol, which is enough to fill half of the bong. Instead, pour isopropyl into the bong to clean it. Instead of isopropyl alcohol, you can use vinegar and baking soda.

Fill the bong halfway with salt.

This salt helps remove the resin from the inside of the bong by making it easier to scrub. The alcohol cleans it pretty well, but the salt removes the gunk built up on the sides of the bong. Use a good amount so that the salt can get the resin off.

Shake the bag.

This could get messy, so close the bag and shake the mixture of alcohol and salt inside the bong. Make sure the mixture gets into all the chambers of a percolator bong. You can turn the bong upside down several times to get the smoke into all the cracks.

Allow 30 minutes for it to soak. 

Give it about 30 minutes for the alcohol to settle in the bong. Depending on how soiled you let your bong get, this step isn’t always necessary, but soaking it makes the alcohol work better to clean your glass.


Take the bong out and throw away the bag. Why is the bag important? You can just put dirty bong water in the bag, seal it, and throw it away. This gets rid of the mess made by the resin in the sink.

Rinse the bong with warm water and soap.

Before using the bong, it’s best to eliminate the alcohol and salt, especially since alcohol can catch fire. Use dish soap and warm water to eliminate any oil left on the glass and if you ran out of weed, check out here an awesome weed delivery service. 

Soak the bowl and stem in alcohol to clean them.

Use a pipe cleaner to remove any stuck-on resin from the stem. Rinse it with hot water and let it dry out completely before putting cannabis from a service for weed delivery in Welland in it.


Like cleaning your room or washing dishes, you must regularly clean your glass pipe or bong. Not only is it gross to smoke from a dirty pipe, but you could also be inhaling leftover tar or changing the taste of your buds. So, you must clean your bong properly if you want to taste your weed and its terpenes every time you light up instead of old bong water.