Lost & Found Child Policy

The BlueShore Financial Mother’s Day Run has adopted the City of Vancouver’s guidelines to support event organizers in developing and implementing policies and procedures for assisting a lost child or responding to lost child reports. These guidelines should be adjusted to ensure that they are appropriate for the size, location, and type of event being hosted, and if there are police on-site. 

The event will: 

1) Identify and clearly mark a tent, room, or location where missing children can be reported, or where lost children can go for help. 

2) Establish a lost/found child report form to document all incidents (see sample form attached). 

3) Establish a notification procedure to alert staff, security and police if a child is missing or has been located. 

4) Establish a fan-out procedure to search for a missing child. 

5) Train staff / volunteers in the emergency notification and fan-out procedures for a lost child. 

6) Designate at least 2 staff or volunteers, preferably one male and one female, to be responsible for staying with a lost child, or accompanying parents /guardians during a search. 

7) Ensure that volunteers and staff are clearly identified by uniforms, t-shirts, or badges.

If a parent /guardian reports a child/ dependent as lost or missing, recommended procedures are as follows: 

1) Greet the parent/guardian and advise them that you have a process in place for locating lost children. 

2) Document the following information (see sample form attached): 

  a. Name of person filing report and     relationship to person missing 

  b. Name of parent or guardian if not   the same person filing report 

  c. Name of child missing 

  d. Description of missing child (age, height, clothing, hair colour, skin colour, accessories, other defining features) 

  e. Location where they were last seen 

  f. Person they were last seen with and description 

  g. Security concerns and additional information that could be helpful 

3) Notify event staff and security that a person has been reported missing and provide relevant information. 

4) Activate lost child notification and fan-out procedures. Staff / volunteers should go in pairs to search for the person. 

5) The event controller is responsible for notifying emergency services, either by calling 9-1-1 or through established communication procedures. 

6) At the discretion of the parent/guardian and the event organizer, alert the public that a missing child has been reported using PAs, signage, etc. 

7) A volunteer or staff member with a radio or cell phone should remain with the reporting person(s) during the search in order to communicate updates as necessary. 

8) If the child is located without incident: 

  a. Confirm the identification of all parties, request ID. 

  b. Follow procedures to call-off the search and inform any other agencies that the child has been found. 

  c. Record the time and location where the child was found. 

  d. Record the name(s) of the volunteers / staff involved. 

  e. If no identification is available, or if there is concern about the safety of the child, event organizers may request further direction from the police. 

9) If the person is not found, retain all recorded information and ensure it is made available to police.

If a child / dependant arrives at the information location, or reports themselves to a volunteer or staff member as being lost: 

1) Ensure the presence of 2 staff or volunteers, preferably male and female. 

2) Greet and comfort the lost child and explain that you are there to help them find their parents/guardian. 

3) Ensure that 2 volunteers / staff stay with the child, or accompany the child to the information tent. Do not force the child to go to a new place if they do not want to, but encourage the child to stay in one place while their parents/guardian are located. 

4) Document the following information: 

  a. Name of the child 

  b. Name of parents / guardian attending the event 

  c. Name of parents / guardian not attending the event 

  d. Contact info for parents / guardian (if known) 

  e. Description of child 

  f. Description of parents / guardian 

  g. Location where they last saw parent / guardian 

  h. Name of volunteers / staff or person who found the child. 

5) Only water may be offered to the child (no food or snacks in case of unknown allergies). 

6) Notify event organizer/ security director that a child has been found. 

7) Do not publicly announce that a child has been found, or their location. 

8) At the discretion of the event organizer, a public announcement may be made requesting that the parent or guardian report to the information tent. Do not include information about the child in this announcement. (IE: Could Mrs. Jones please report to the information tent) 

9) If a parent or guardian arrives to claim the child, confirm and record their identification and contact information. 

10) Record the time and location that the child and parent/guardian were reunited and the names of all attending staff / volunteers. 

11) Never hand over a child to an unidentified person. 

12) Retain all records and provide copies to the City of Vancouver or the VPD as requested. 

13) If no-one claims the child within 1 hour, or at the close of the event, notify police.