Gear Check

Check Your Gear at the Start Line

Runners will be able to check their gear at the Start Line. All checked gear will be transported from the Start Line to a secure place near the Finish Line.  If you plan to check your gear at the Start Line, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the race.

Once at the start, you can go to the Gear Check Truck where you will be given a bag for your gear.  Your checked gear must be less than 10 pounds and fully fit inside the gear check bag (no luggage will be accepted). Once your bag is stuffed, you will write your bib number on an adhesive label and attach the label to the bag. Once sealed, the bag can be given to our volunteers at the Gear Check Truck (or participant can walk it to the gear check truck). 

*Please note that Gear Check is by donation to a local charity so please bring along a donation to help the race charities.

In order to pick up your gear at the Finish Line, you will need to show your bib. No gear bags will be distributed without your bib. Please do not destroy or discard your bib, it is your identification on race day.

The Event will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items, so please ensure your bag is properly labeled. Leave all valuables at home. Please do not place your phone, wallet, or anything of value in your gear check bag. We cannot be responsible for any valuables.

How to Pack Your Gear in the Gear Check Bag:

1.  You will be provided with a clear plastic bag, label & marker.
2.  All your gear MUST go into this bag.  Gear Check will not accept any other forms of checked bags.
3.  Print your bib number CLEARLY on the provided sticker.
4.  Adhere label to the bag so that it is easily visible.
5.  Bring your completed bag to the gear check counter.
6.  Bib is required to retrieve items after the race.

*Allow a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the race for check in of your gear