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BlueShore Financial Mother's Day Run

The BlueShore Financial Mother's Day Run presented by The Westin Bayshore is offering some key partnership opportunities to be involved with this wonderful event.  The BlueShore Mother's Day Run will place its partners directly in front of the consumer. Exposures reach the consumer at local, regional and national levels through an extensive variety of mediums. This includes, but is not limited to, television, newspaper, radio, webcast, magazines, websites, blogs, community programs, press conferences, race-generated support materials, word of mouth, industry, advertising, and on-site program

This recognition allows the partner to gain a unique market position with thousands of avid sports fans, recreation enthusiasts, their families and friends. This demographic spend millions of dollars each year on vehicles, travel, sports activities, clothing, equipment and other consumer products.

The sponsor experience at the BlueShore Mother's Day Run will be strong and continues to improve with the input of our partners. Each participant, spectator and volunteer is repeatedly exposed to the partner’s product and has ample opportunity to interact with the sponsor. The BlueShore Mother's Day Run encourages its partners to be actively involved, whether it be with displays, participating, volunteering, handing out awards, mingling with the elites, team building for their employees, or through VIP programs.

For more information on being a partner in the BlueShore Mother's Day Run e-mail us at